Ozkoç Hydraulic machinery;

Established in 1964 in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, operating in the manufacturing of hydraulic presses, has been the pioneering company of the industry.

OZKOC, owing a mere 10.000 m2 manufacturing area in a land of 35.000 m2 in Hadimkoy, Istanbul, exports its high quality hydraulic presses to 35 different countries worldwide.

OZKOC with the expertise of 56 years of works produces presses from 70 tons up to 7000, in various pressing operations such as deep drawing, blanking-punching, forming-embossing or other hot operations for rubber, silicon, melamine-urea or other high resistance composites like smc-bmc or bulletproof Kevlar and polyethylene has been the inevitable address of solution seekers in their pressing needs as well as the benchmark of the R&D.

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